What's our program?

Vertical Studio helps creators expand their visibility and to monetize their content by sourcing campaign opportunities with our curated brand catalog. Powered by a team of brand strategists, data specialists, and content producers, this program is dedicated to finding brand opportunities for our creators.

After production ends, we interpret our creators' performance through first-party data, facilitating production services for content creation and offering consultancy services to expand their creative strategy.

We created this program to help creators and brands drive exponential growth and extra revenue together.

What happens after registering?

Here are the steps we designed to ensure the process of creating content and getting paid for it is expeditious:

  1. We Check your Registration form and content platforms
  2. You get an e-mail where we will ask you to set up a date for our onboarding interview
  3. We Set Up our messaging platforms and open your Creator Portal
  4. You start receiving content creation opportunities
  5. You begin producing content for brands with the support of our content producers and data specialists
  6. You get paid
  7. We evaluate your performance and provide consulting services
  8. Repeat from step 4

How long are our terms?

We will work with service contracts. Our agreements last from the moment we sign until the content is delivered. The ad production phase can last from five to seven days.

How can you help me improve my creative strategy? 

With more than five years of experience in the entertainment industry, we understand the impact of high-quality content on any stakeholder in the platform economy. The landscape of this economy requires creators to master a unique blend of creative content, planning, and real-time iteration and engagement with fans. Our job is to outsource and organize a strategy for our creators that allow them to generate growth and sustainability within this industry.

How will we manage creative control?

We want our creators to access ad campaign opportunities that align with their creative process.

As soon as you finish registering, we start developing your Profile to establish your brand guidelines as a content creator. We will discuss and define the tone, style, formats, and creative methods you'd like to integrate with our content production process.

We develop the ad concepts and treatments for the brands we work with and then send them to you for review. If you have any ideas to expand the impact of these creatives, we are always happy to make changes before production starts.

What is a project map?

A project map will be the main guide for our ad production. This document will contain the concept, context, treatment, angles, and/or any additional information required to fully develop each specific ad campaign.

What about the editing?

We will always require our creators to send the raw video assets and an edited version of the content unless it's stated differently in the project agreement.

ON Which platforms do we advertise?

We specialize in TikTok ads, but we advertise on the most popular social platforms: IG, FB, Snapchat, and YouTube. We can retrieve first-party data from each platform and use it to scale up your engagement and growth.

How do you Collect data?

We partnered with Triple Whale, gathering all of our data through their Creative Cockpit platform.

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