What else can I tell you about creating content?

Wow, this is my first official post on this thing. OK, I guess I should ✨start typing about myself ✨. I am 28, and I work making content. I graduated from film school four years ago, the same year the HomePod was released. That year, Apple decided to make an ad directed by Spike Jonze and starring FKA Twigs. This ad was a music video featuring their new product and a song made by Anderson Paak, an exclusive release for Apple music at that time.

After watching this video for the first time, I had this feeling I usually feel while watching a good movie. A feeling that made me think they really nailed it, they are changing culture while catering to consumers. That was the moment I realized entertainment changed. I realized then that we were living in a different era where storytellers and ad creatives were helping people transition from being passive consumers to a new story of inter-being in the fastest way possible (via Social Media platforms).

Fast forward to 2022: I get many inspiring ads through my fyp. We have transitioned to a time when consumers demand massive amounts of brand content to truly engage with them. Content creation has evolved to a point where any creator has the agency to shape culture, one TikTok video at a time… this is all happening while we live a critical point of our history:

We are living in the era of immediacy and individualism. We live in an economic world that feels larger than our own lives almost all the time. The hope of traditional consumerism no longer responds to our current perception of reality, and this phenomenon has led to converting a lot of consumers into isolated, anxious, or depressed people.

So now you might ask: What role are we playing in this story? How can brands create and communicate products while opening societies to a better future?

Not too long ago, I was shown a TikTok ad of a girl talking about herself and why she loved this filter app. The video lasted around 30 seconds and styled a girl repeatedly babbling oddly about her personalized presets and extravagant personality. I'll have to admit it was pretty entertaining. After watching the video numerous times and learning the words by heart, a friend of mine commented on how she wouldn't even be able to come up with so many facts about herself that quickly. I thought about it for a second, and neither could I. Not under 30 seconds at least.

This ad triggered the main idea for the post I'm writing today: What else can I tell brands and creatives about storytelling? How can I help them step outside the current narratives (fueled with toxic uncertainty) that drive us in this era? What else can I tell you to open ourselves and enable real engagement? What else can I tell you about creating content that regenerates?

So, I decided to break the 30 seconds rule and devote some time to answering the question: What else can I tell you about creating meaningful content today?

About the author:

P O V : Head of Content
Jorge Bekerman

• Creative strategy

• Content creation

•  Entertainment management

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